The institute owns well lit, well laid out, specious and airy class rooms, common rooms, well equipped laboratories (life science, physical science, geography, psychology, educational technology), a rich library and a lush green field for games and sports. It also owns a lavish computer room with sufficient number of computers to provide computer literacy for the students undergoing B Ed. Classes are conducted with the help of modern teaching aids like O H P and L C D projectors. In addition to usual academic schedules, seminars, workshops, tutorials, educational tours, field trips, locality surveys, cultural and literary activities and the like are regular features of curricular activities.

Owing to an outstanding teacher student ratio (1:11) the relationship among students and teachers is exceedingly cordial and highly interactive. Almost all of those, who live in West Bengal, most of those, who live in India, and many of those, who live abroad, are aware that Haldia – ever since - has gradually but steadily been growing (i) as an industrial city, (ii) as a cultural city, and (iii) as an educational city. Institute of Education-Haldia are trying their best to tender their humble contributions to her growth.