Financial Status:

Financial category of the Institution:

Income and Expenditure:  

Income: During 2010-2011
State Govt. Grant: Nil
Fees: 34,79,000/-
Other sources: 1,71,065/-
Total = Rs 36,50,065/-

Expenditure incurred:

Salary: 23,10,908/-;
Furniture: 58,290/-
Library: 3648/- + Donation;
Laboratories: 7650/-;
Others: 4,36,363/-;
Computers : 37,596/-
Water purifier : 14,000/-
Total = Rs 28,68,455/-

Endowment fund and reserve fund:

Endowment fund: Rs 5,00,000.00  

Mode of deposit: FDR No.B/601414,
dated, 29-12-2003, on Central Bank Of India, Haldia Branch, for Rs 5,00,000.00, has been kept at NCTE Office for joint operation.

Reserve fund: Rs 5,00,000.00 Mode of deposit: STDR No. SD/719669,
Dated, 05-01-05, on State Bank of India, IOC Township Haldia, for Rs 5,00,000.00, has been kept at IOE-Haldia Office.

Salary Structure:

  1. Salary structure of the teaching staff conforms to scales of payprescribed
    by the State;
  2. Salary structure of the supporting staff conforms to Govt. of
    West Bengal norms.

Pay scale:

  • UGC (for teaching staff);
  • Govt. of West Bengal (for non teaching staff).
    Allowances: As per norms.

Note : Salaries could not be revised as per latest UGC norms as the fees fixed by the University is not enough to pay.