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To nurture trainee teachers with inclusion of knowledge, skills, human values, compassion for a better world.


To impart value oriented education, skill based training that foster leadership traits of the learners to meet the paradigm shift of Education, Economic Growth and peace.

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Institute of Education, Haldia, established in 2004  for extending the hand of co operation in the developments of teacher education and teachers’ training in the region of West Bengal  hence to produce relevant teachers for society. This institute conducts B.Ed. course from the year 2004 with the affiliation from Vidyasagar University and now affiliated to West Bengal University of Teachers’ Training, Education Planning and Administration (WBUTTEPA). Our continuous priority is to ensure that our students learn in a sensitive and healthy college environment that respects and responds to student’s differences as well as their similarities. Our institute earnestly strives to achieve academic excellence and places great emphasis on inclusion, equality, integrity, sustainability and professionalism for future teacher.

The duration of the B.Ed, course is two academic years which begins in July and ends in June. The classes usually start from first working day of July and the final University Examination is held each semester as and when conducted by the University.

Our teachers try their level best to give proper guidance to all the trainees for addressing the needs of the school students of different classes. They develop different teaching-learning materials and methods to help the trainee teachers to develop themselves. This college encourages new ways of thinking. All teachers of the college are earnestly trying to develop a pedagogy that is less mechanical and more learner-facilitating.

This institution arranges elaborate lectures, intensive tutorial classes, seminars, symposia, debate and discussion. Necessary arrangement for practice teaching is made to provide opportunity to have practical training in teaching. In addition to the above, other co-curricular activities are the regular features of this college. Professional Skill development courses are conducted by the college for enhancing the skill and efficiency of the trainee teachers.

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme aims at developing the understanding and competencies required by practising teachers for effective teaching-learning process at the secondary stage. This programme prepares prospective teachers to understand the psychological and sociological aspects of the child’s development and also understand his behaviour under different conditions. The course work combined with rigorous practice of teaching prepares teacher trainees to master the art of teaching and the ability to deal with students based on their individual differences in various classroom situations on the basis of following objectives.

  • To make the student teachers understand how children learn and develop, how they differ in their approaches to learning and create learning opportunities that benefit diverse learners and learning contexts
  • To develop the skills of student teachers to plan learning experiences in and outside the classroom that are based on learners’ existing proficiency, interests, experiences and knowledge, and enable them to understand how students come to view, develop, learn and make sense of subject matter contained in the curriculum.
  • To develop the capacity among student teachers to use knowledge of effective verbal, non-verbal and media communication techniques to foster active enquiry, collaboration and supportive interaction in the classroom.
  • To enable the student teachers to understand and use formal and informal assessment strategies to evaluate and ensure the continuous intellectual social, emotional and physical development of the learners.
  • To provide student teachers self-identity as a ‘teacher’ through school based learning experiences and reflective practices that continually evaluate the effects of their choices and actions.
  • To provide a rich programme of curricular and extra-curricular activities for student teachers for all round development of their personalities as also those of the students whom they teach.

The Institute of Education-Haldia is situated in the port-city of Haldia – famous for its petrochemical businesses – in the district of Purba Medinipur in West Bengal. It is a single-site campus set in a vibrant intellectual environment and is well-connected by both road and railway. The institute located in the Amlat Sutahata near Subarna Jayanti Bhaban. The Campus having Hostels for Boys, Girls’, Canteen and Play Ground. It has been running successfully over a decade and the Alluminies are now in different Schools, Colleges, Universities and Govt. Educational Services in West Bengal and India.

The institute owns, well laid out, spacious and airy classrooms, common rooms, well-equipped laboratories (life science, physical science, geography, psychology, educational technology), a rich library and a lush green field for games and sports. It also owns a lavish computer room with a sufficient number of computers to provide computer literacy for the students undergoing B Ed. Classes are conducted with the help of modern teaching aids like O H P and L C D projectors. In addition to usual academic schedules, seminars, workshops, tutorials, educational tours, field trips, locality surveys, cultural and literary activities  are regular features of curricular activities.

Owing to an outstanding teacher-student ratio (1:11) the relationship among students and teachers is exceedingly cordial and highly interactive.

Almost all of those, who live in West Bengal, most of those, who live in India, and many of those, who live abroad, are aware that Haldia – ever since – has gradually but steadily been growing

(i) as an industrial city

(ii) as a cultural city, and

(iii) as an educational city.

Institute of Education-Haldia is trying its best to tender its humble contributions to her growth.

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